What is a network?

“Networks are the backbone of movements.”

Sam Stephens ~ India Gospel League

We believe that church planting is the most effective method of evangelism and we believe that networks are the most effective method of church planting!  Networks are groups of 3-6 churches led by a Network Leader who meet together monthly to build relationships, share resources and spur one another on towards reproduction.  According to Ed Stetzer in his book Viral Church, Church Planter survivability increases by 135% when the leader has a peer group to meet with monthly.

Local Networks

Below is a list of our current Carolina Movement Networks.  Contact a network leader or email info@carolinamovement.com to check out one of our Carolina Movement networks!

  • South East North Carolina || Donnie Paschael
  • Charlotte North Carolina || Corey Alley
  • South Triangle North Carolina || Joe Monk
  • West Wake North Carolina || Chase White
  • South East Triangle North Carolina || Chris Hankins
  • North Wake North Carolina || Chris Hankins
  • Diaspora || Chris Hankins

Join a Network

If you are interested in Carolina Movement, checking out a network is a great place to start.  Email info@carolinamovement.com to get connected with a network of reproducing pastors in NC!

Select a Network

Are you interested in starting a network of reproducing churches in your area of NC? We would love to talk with you!  Email us at info@carolinamovement.com to set up a time to talk.