We believe that every NC Church can plant another NC Church!  What would that look like for your church?

Benefits of being a partner church

Many denominations and church planting groups offer the opportunity for your church to give towards helping to plant new churches.  However, partnering with Carolina Movement is unique in several important ways.

  1. Local churches planting local churches 

    Carolina Movement is unique in that local churches come together to support a new church plant. Carolina Movement only works to help facilitate these partnerships.

  2. Relationships

    Through these partnerships, your church will have a one on one relationship with every church you help plant.  Also, you will form vital relationships with other Kingdom minded churches just like yours. 

  3. Mission Trips

    When you partner with Carolina Movement, you have an opportunity to do more than just give.  We encourage every partner church to consider taking a weekend mission trip to help their partner church plant get off the ground.  These mission trips can consist of outreach events, hanging door hangers in the community, and volunteering at preview services, launch Sunday, and the first few weeks after launch.  Not only will this help the church plant, it will also help train your church how to have a heart for missions in their own community.

  4. Prayer

    Because you have a one on one relationship with your partner church plant, you also have the unique opportunity to specifically pray for them at each stage of their church planting journey.  We believe that church planting involves a lot of spiritual warfare and the prayer of other churches is essential for the success of a new church plant. Also, praying for a new church plant will help your church develop a lifestyle of prayer.  

  5. Designated Giving

    One thing that is unique about Carolina Movement is that your church has the opportunity to select the church plant you feel led to support as long as they are approved and in North Carolina.  A partner church commits to give a minimum of $2,000 a year to church planting in the state of North Carolina. Your regular contributions will continue to build until you decide on a church plant to partner with

  6. 100% of funds go directly to church plants

    Carolina Movement does not take any overhead or marketing cost out of the funds given by partner churches so that every penny that is given through the Carolina Movement will go directly to pointing people to Jesus at a new church plant!

  7. Leadership

    The pastor or designated staff person of the partnering church often has the opportunity to serve up to three years on the new church plant’s management team.

A partner church would commit to two things


A Partner Church commits to pray regularly for the new church during the prelaunch phase and for at least first six months post-launch, and to lead others to do the same.


A Partner Church commits to support a new church plant with a minimum of $2,000 a year for a period of 3 years for a total of $6,000.

Helping Churches Like Crossroads Church

Whiteville, NC, is home to a mere 5,300 people in the middle of the Bible Belt. You might not think there is a need for a new church in this rural town; however, only 22% of the population attends an evangelical church. Church planter, Billy Roy, saw the need for a new church in Whiteville and launched Crossroads Church, in partnership with the Carolina Movement, on December 3, 2017. They had 17 people follow Jesus in baptism in just the first three months, proving every town in North Carolina needs a new church!

Interested in learning more about becoming a partner church?  Email info@carolinamovement.com now!

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