Since 2016 we have officially planted 9 new churches, while assisting with multiple others.  God has shown the Carolina Movement incredible favor!  All our church plants are growing and are seeing new followers of Jesus and communities impacted!   We helped plant two new Carolina Movement Church Plants launched in 2019: Sojourner Church in Concord, NC and Multiply Church in Monroe, NC.  We are planting two more new church plants in 2020: Shine Community Church launched Selma on 1/26 and Point Fort Bragg will launch as in independent church in Western Harnett County this fall. 

Map of Carolina Churches and Plants

Below is a list of our Carolina Movement church plants and member churches.  We are proud of each one of our church plants and the ministry they are doing to help every man, woman & child in NC encounter Jesus in our lifetime.



Church Planting Highlights

Sojourner Church in Concord, NC and lead planter Corey Alley.  Listen to how God is moving at Sojourner Church

“Thank you for your support for me, my family, and the church we planted in 2019.   The vast majority of the people who have come to Sojourner Church were unchurched or dechurched.  I truly believe we are not just having a church service on Sundays, but are serving our community and making an impact in people’s lives both inside the walls and outside.

Here are three stories of people being impacted by Sojourner Church: 

1.    Nick McDaniel – Nick is a 21 diesel mechanic in the army who was discharged in May of 2019. He was in deep depression from drug abuse and alcoholism.  He came with his friend Shawn and is now in a 1 on 1 discipleship relationship with a police officer on our team.  He said this the other day; “Last year my head was buried in a toilet from the stuff I put into my body, now my head is buried in the Bible to see Jesus’ plan for me”!

2.    Courtney and Jared Barnes – Courtney is a teacher at the school we serve, and Jared is a police officer and former Navy.  They have been married 10 years with two small kids.  They came to our marriage weekend with their rings off their fingers. After the weekend they put their rings back on and rededicated their lives to Jesus.

3.    Adam and Sharron Blake – Adam and Sharon both struggled with addiction for years.  I met Adam in the gym back around Christmas 2018. He didn’t want anything to do with God, but back in April they were both baptized. And just two weeks ago we dedicated their first child “Ariel” to the Lord. These stories would not be possible without your support!”